Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Game 89: Pirates 4 Astros 3

Well, the Pirates and Astros got their "up all night" game in, even if it was because two rain delays meant that their regular nine inning game ended after 1 AM. If you can think back to the beginning of this one, Ian Snell looked marginally better, though his line sucked, and got to 88 pitches pretty quick, leading to John Russell yanking him right before a rain storm. Getting yanked before a rain storm is apparently something that Snell doesn't do, because he was pretty freaking angry from what I understand.

Anyways, long rain delay, Pirates give up a bunch of runs, do nothing at the plate (except Nate's home run), and then suddenly, I look up sleepily and the Pirates were rallying for three runs (lead by Nate's two run single) and suddenly they win. It felt like it happened in the 16th inning, but according to the line score, it was the eighth. Ah, well, it counts either way.