Sunday, July 06, 2008

Game 87: Brewers 11 Pirates 6

Getting swept sucks, but does knowing that it happened to the team that's suddenly the best team in the National League make it any better? The Brewers were the hottest team in the league and threatening the Cubs after their win over the Pirates today, THEN they went out and added CC Sabathia. And people laughed at me when I said the NL Central wouldn't suck again this year.

Back on point: today was pretty much exactly what was expected. Duke and Suppan got rocked but the Brewers pen stemmed the tide and the Pirates' pen didn't. The result was an 11-6 beating that was only interesting for two reasons. First off, it because very clear why the Tigers wanted tonight to do with Denny Bautista (can we call him "Denny Arms" or is that just too annoying?) and secondly because Nate McLouth actually did some hitting today, in light of his All-Star selection, which he may or may not have known about at the time. But in the end, a loss is a loss and they're piling up for the Pirates lately.