Thursday, July 03, 2008

Game 84: Pirates 9 Reds 5

I recapped this whole thing last night, pushed publish, and went to bed. I wake up this morning and what do I find? No freaking recap. Thanks, Blogger.

When your starter fails to make it out of the third inning and gives up 5 runs and two homers, you generally feel pretty screwed. When you've got the Pirates' bullpen, you're thinking about changing the channel because things are probably about to get ugly. For some reason, though, things didn't get ugly last night. The quartet of Denny Bautista, Sean Burnett, John Grabow, and Tyler Yates shut the Reds down at five runs for the duration of the night and the Pirates added some homers to their four run first, and suddenly we're looking at a series win after things looked dire in the tenth inning after Matt Capps' second blown save on Tuesday night. In fact, we're just an inning away from sweeping the Reds on the road and being all excited about how the Bucs bounced back from interleague play. Yeah, I don't really understand this team either.