Sunday, June 29, 2008

WHYGAVS Night Photo Essay

What happens when a bunch of people who only know each other through the internet go to a bar and watch a baseball game? Lots of things that aren't exactly watching a baseball game.
Putting faces with commenter names we've got (from the left) BW Zimmerman, Curtis, TJ, Emma, me, Brian, Gavin, and APK. As planned, we met up at Firewaters before the game for a couple drinks, then headed over to the ballpark. Once we got to the park things quickly went sour, as Evan Longoria bombed a three run homer off of Jimmy Barthmaier and allowed us to turn our focus to other things.
Meanwhile, my friends continued their tradition of wandering off to Bucaroos to order the cheapest food in the park. My friend Alex ordered literally one of everything on the menu there. This was the response he got.
Meanwhile, we were up in the stands, laughing about something. Or maybe one of us had a little too much to drink. Definitely possible. Also, Gavin's Willie Stargell jersey was sweet , and BW Zimmerman is one hardcore Pirate fan.
Soon the (younger) Brothers Lackey showed up. Sitting in the black polo shirt is my brother's friend Chip, who made the famous "Doug Mint Cabbage" comment during one of the Vin Scully games in early April.
Very quickly, we started rooting for a Kazmir no-hitter. Freddy Sanchez ended our hopes of that with his solo homer.
Shortly after that, the Pirates actually began to mount a comeback. We turned our attention to the game, but then the Pirates' bullpen got involved. Just look at those grimaces.
Around the fifth or sixth inning, my wonderful friends (who are still endlessly amused that people actually read a blog written by me ... if you knew me better you would probably understand this reaction) engaged the guys behind us in a conversation about WHYGAVS?. These gentlemen seemed rather impressed. They may be radio DJs. APK was more interested in the worst cheeseburger ever.

Ooo! Moving pictures!
Anyways, despite Barthmaier's rough outing (we'll talk more about that later in a big weekend recap post), we had a pretty awesome time not watching the Pirates get skunked by the Rays. Special thanks to the official WHYGAVS? Night photographer, my friend Jen.
There's more pictures on Facebook and while I can provide the link, you won't be able to see them until she makes her album public (which she may or may not do after I posted that picture). And of course, thanks to everyone for actually showing up. It's definitely something we're going to have to try and do again in the future.