Friday, June 27, 2008

The WHYGAVS Night Gamethread

With many of the regular commenters at the game and it being Friday night already, action in this thread will probably be light. Still, it's going up so that I can say that one day, I hope that the Pirates can emulate what they Rays have done. They tried this novel idea of taking top talent with high draft picks and suddenly, they've got a great young team. We've got one step in the right direction there. Maybe if we actually change the name of the team to the Bucs we can spur the process along.

Anyways, the big story tonight is Jimmy Barthmaier getting the start. He's pretty young (24) and seen a good bit of success in his five starts at AAA this year. That probably makes him our best pitching prospect in the upper level of the minors. I'm not sure he's ready for this assignment, but SOMEone has to start the game tonight and he's not John Van Benschoten or Brian Bullington, so I'm OK with it.