Thursday, June 26, 2008

Return to PNC

After about 11 months away, I'm heading back to PNC Park tonight. The last time I was there, a message greeted us on the scoreboard that said, "Pirates trade OF Rajai Davis to the Giants for SP Matt Morris." Hopefully a similarly awful message does not await me tonight.

Anyways, Paul Maholm and Mike Mussina are going at it on the mound tonight, which is probably the closest thing that these two teams can muster to a pitcher's duel right now, especially given Maholm's nice run at PNC Park. It'd be nice to see the Pirates bounce back from last night's debacle and at least make things interesting, rather than slipping into the "OMGYankees!" stupor that they were in last year and for much of last night. My expectations aren't terribly high tonight, but sometimes it's just a great feeling to be able to go see a baseball game.

And if you're at the game and see an awesome looking dude in a shirt that says "WHYGAVS" taking pictures like a tourist ... it's definitely me.