Monday, June 02, 2008

One more with the Cards

I apologize for the lack of depth with my posting lately, but pulling double duty at FanHouse and the Pens being in the Finals and all is taking up a lot of my time of late. Unfortunately, I think that's probably coming to an end tonight, meaning I can shift my focus back to the Pirates in time for their annual June implosion.

Tonight, Tom Gorzelanny goes up against Adam Wainwright. It's kind of a painful match-up to see because last year these two guys were among the best young pitchers in the NLCD, while this year Wainwright is looking downright dominant and the Pirates are talking about sending Gorzo to the minors. Then again, this has been a pretty weird series so far (remember: Luis Rivas ... grand slam) and so anything's really possible. Again, I just want Gorzo to not suck terribly for this one. Is that too much to ask?

As a side note, I'm going down with the ship, liveblogging the Pens again tonight at FanHouse.