Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Yankees

Joba the Hutt and Zach the Duke, tonight at 7:05. I assume that PNC Park will be electric again tonight after last night's huge win. Hopefully I'll have myself in radio range for this game, so that I can beat my head off of my steering wheel when Greg Brown says stupid crap like, "Joey Bats, did he? YES HE DID!!!" I'm kind of worried that, "Did he? YES HE DID!!!" is his new home run call and it's downright awful. Anyways, you all know the Joba story. He's a great young prospect that's under a huge magnifying glass because he plays for the Yankees and dominated out of the bullpen this year. The starting rotation is a bit different and he's still on a pretty strict count, so if we can work him early we can get to the Yankees pen early and their pen isn't much different from our pen.