Friday, June 20, 2008

Goodbye Gas Can

Yesterday the Pirates traded Jonah Bayliss to the Blue Jays for a player-to-be-named. Getting anything at all for Bayliss, who was terrible with the Pirates last year and earned his nickname because every time he took the mound the effect was similar to throwing gas on a fire, is more or less a magic act and proof that JP Ricciardi might be insane.

While we're hitting up news about crappy players in the Pirates' organization, it looks like Xavier Nady is going on the DL and Nyjer Morgan is coming back. Presumably in Nady's absence that makes Morgan and Michaels the platoon third starters in the outfield, with McLouth moving around accordingly. This means two things: 1.) Nady's trade value just plummeted and 2.) the organization doesn't think very highly of Steve Pearce at the moment. I was at the game Nady was injured it and it was a pretty ugly looking play. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the injury is much worse than the team initially let on.

UPDATE: It's Salas down, Morgan up. Does anyone smell a trade brewing?