Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Game 78: Yankees 10 Pirates 0

There is a reason that the saying, "You're never as good as you seem on your best day and you're never as bad as you seem on your worst day," exists. Last night was an awesome night for the Pirates and us Pirate fans, but at the same time it really was just one game in the grand scheme of the seasons. Tonight's game was awful for the Pirates, but it's just one more game in the season. Every single one of us would've been ecstatic with a split and a chance to take the series tomorrow and that's what the Pirates have.

That said, tonight's game was pretty ugly. Joba Chamberlain dominated us from the get go and thanks to some ugly plays in the field and some brain-dead plays (with Jeter on third base, Jose Bautista shifted into the Giambi shift, leaving Duke to repeatedly run off the mound to chase Jeter back to third and not focus on getting Giambi out) we were behind from the get-go, which is never really the position you want to be in with the Yankees offense involved. They piled more runs on TJ Beam and things stayed ugly for the whole game.

Side note: the Pirates traded for reliever Denny Bautista before the game. They have to make room for him and my gut says that this might be the end of Wreck Specs.