Monday, June 09, 2008

Duke and the Unit

We've got one of those pesky 12:35 starts today so that the D'Backs can get out of town early. They'll be looking to win this one to take a the series from the Pirates, while the Bucs are looking for what would be a good split in a series where we faced three good starting pitchers. The third one we're seeing is today, the ageless Randy Johnson. He's definitely not the pitcher he was during his first go-round in Arizona, but he's still been very good this year on what's seemingly his final lap around the National League. He'll face off against Zach Duke who's got a similar ERA and very little else in common with the big lefty. This one's not on TV in Pittsburgh, but that probably doesn't matter since most normal people are at work, huddling around GameCast or listening to the radio feed on super-low in the office. Because who would want to see Randy Johnson make what might be his last start in Pittsburgh? (Like they knew he'd be pitching today when they made the schedule ... I know I'm unreasonable ... I'm a Pirate fan.)