Wednesday, June 25, 2008


In the car today, heading back for PA and tomorrow night's game. I have a thread set to go for the game tonight and hopefully I'll be in radio range by the time the game starts. Meanwhile, as I'm cruising through Virginia and West Virginia (except in Summersville, no cruising there, just being paranoid, glancing over my shoulder, and praying I don't get a ticket for doin' 55 in a 54) listening to my George Carlin audiobooks or my iPod on shuffle going "I have THIS song?!? WHYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!" I'll be thinking about how happy it makes me that the third largest crowd in the history of PNC Park wasn't there for fireworks and wasn't there for bobbleheads, but instead they were there for baseball.

And while I was excited to come home and see some baseball before last night's game, now I'm freaking pumped for Thursday and Friday (Friday is WHYGAVS Night ... did you know? 6 PM, Firewaters, be there).