Sunday, June 01, 2008

The day after the romp

These games that come the day right after thrashings are always interesting ones. How will the Cardinals respond to being slaughtered by Luis Rivas and company? Can the Pirates keep hitting? Will the Pirates pay fans to come to the Astros game next week if the Pirates greatly exceed 24 runs?

Anyways, Ian Snell and Braden Looper go at it today in a pitching match that I desperately want to favor the Pirates, but man, Snell's gotta get himself back together. He's struggling with the strike zone, giving up homers, getting killed by righties, and really been the biggest disappointment on the team this year (for me, at least). His last start was one of his worst of the year, wiping out the hopes that his previous start had given us that maybe he was turning things around. With the Cardinals smarting from their beating yesterday, this one might get ugly .