Thursday, May 08, 2008

This can't be right

The Pirate notebook in the PG this morning is full of all kinds of bad things:

  • Jack Wilson's out until the end of the month
  • While the Evan Meek trade is probably going to be cash based, we might give them a player
  • Teams are asking about Bay and Nady, but we're not trading them until we're out of contention
  • Wait, what?
I've got to hope that's a bargaining point. When we're not playing the Giants, we're one of the worst Pirate teams I can remember. On top of that, the NL Central's getting stronger this year. Contention? We were out of it when Bay and McLouth flubbed the pop-up in the opener. And we won that game.

If Huntington's not taking offers for Nady right now, he's not doing his job.