Tuesday, May 13, 2008

These guys

After a rather successful homestand, the Bucs are moving on the road to St. Louis to take on the surprising Cardinals tonight. According to Dayn Perry and PECOTA (BP subscription required), most of the Cardinals are playing way over their heads and will be coming back to earth any day now. Somehow, Phil Dumatrait doesn't strike the type of guy that hitters come back to earth against, though I'll admit that his early returns as a starter are significantly less horrifying than I expected them to be.

The Cards' counter Phil with Kyle Lohse, the guy who couldn't find a team until like three weeks before the season began. He got off to a decent start this year, but has really gotten bombed the last couple times out. Generally, the Pirates are the team that pitchers like him right the ship against, but if our early season offensive surge continues that might not hold true. Said surge kind of feels like finding an awesome spider web in a tornado to me; really awesome and unexpected, but liable to go away literally at any second.

Anyways, if you're planning on watching the other Pittsburgh sporting event going on tonight, I'll be liveblogging it at FanHouse and will post a link here when it goes live. (UPDATE: It's on!)