Monday, May 05, 2008

No one ever accused me of being timely

So I'm sitting here working on a test because I am completely unable to go to sleep when a playoff hockey game is on (Sharks and Stars are nearing their fourth OT), when it dawns on me that I have completely neglected to post about the Olivo Astacio incident on WHYGAVS. As you likely know, the breach of team policy that he was cut for was swinging a bat at a teammate, which makes Oliver Perez's landry cart abuse look downright pedestrian when it comes to clubhouse tantrums. The player he took a cut at hasn't been named, but he wasn't hurt in the incident. That fact was summed up perfectly in a comment left by a friend of mine on my FanHouse post about the incident:

Only someone in the pirates' system could attack someone with a bat and manage to not injure him.
Amen to that, Rando. I fully expect Astacio to wind up turning into the next Mo Rivera. Of course, since he's a reliever that can't find the strike zone and has a history of violent outbursts, it seems much more likey that his career is over.