Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Marino Salas gets the call

Replacing JVB on the roster tonight will be reliever Marino Salas, who's one of the two guys we acquired in the Salomon Torres trade over the winter. He was kind of an unknown when we traded for him given his age and level last year (he dominated AA at the age of 26, which is way too old for AA), but he's been lights out in Indy thus far (0.77 ERA, WHIP of just over 1.00, 20 strikeouts in 23 and 1/3 innings). It's obvious Huntington likes the guy because not only did he trade for him, but he gave him the call over Jesse Chavez, who's arguably been better in Indy than Salas has this year. Of course, all that probably means is that Franquellis Osoria is on notice. Or maybe I'm confusing what I wish would happen with what I think is going to happen again.