Saturday, May 24, 2008

The key question

The biggest question for tonight's game is whether or not Mellon Arena, which is showing a hockey game on a scoreboard, will outdraw a real live baseball game at PNC Park. I'm guessing no, going to Mellon Arena to watch TV sounds kind of awful to me, but then, it's the Pirates. Ff you're actually curious about the Pirates, Jason Marquis and Phil Dumatrait are facing off in a matchup that will likely draw more Cubs' fans to PNC than Pirate fans. Marquis is no good but he owns us, Dumatrait's been walking a tight line with peripherals that indicate he's not quite as good as his ERA says he is. That backfired on Zach Duke last night and with the way the Cubs are hitting, it might be Dumatrait's turn tonight. As for me, I'll be contributing to FanHouse's liveblog of the Pens' game because I can't go out and watch it as there's no guarantee anyone in Chapel Hill cares about this game but me. And I know this is a Pirates blog, but screw it, we're going with the Mike Lange YouTube embed for good luck on this one.