Friday, May 30, 2008

Game 53: Pirates 7 Reds 2

First off, I'm rather panicked by the fact that Phil Dumatrait might be the Pirates' ace right now. Consider all of the things that have happened to get us to this point, and the fact that Dumatrait might not suck is kind of a small consolation. He was very good tonight, though, racking up nine strikeouts in seven innings while limiting the Reds to just two hits and a run over seven innings. That was more than enough pitching against Aaron Harang, who threw four innings on Sunday night in relief and only made it through four today with the Pirates putting on the offensive show we've come to expect from them at Great American Ballpark. It was an ugly series besides Dumatrait's revenge trip today, but we did manage to stay out of last place, which is nice.