Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Game 46: Brewers 4 Pirates 1

I don't know what it was about this game, but I swear that the Pirates were launching fly balls to the warning track all night off of Ben Sheets. It's true that Sheets did give up more fly balls than grounders, but I swear that like six of the eleven fly outs he induced seemed like hard hit balls that could've been doubles if the landed somewhere else. Of course, they didn't so that doesn't matter, but at least it didn't seem like we were flailing around without a clue tonight at the plate. Kind of seems odd to say in a game that we only scored one run, so maybe you should pretend like I didn't say anything.

It did seem like Snell had a little bit of his fire back tonight. He was scowling at Jeff Andrews during a mound visit and got six strikeouts in his six innings, which is a bit more like the Snell we're used to. He also got hit pretty hard and not really by lefties. That's not much like the old Snell. Still, he's dropped off so far from the last two years that it's not likely to all suddenly come back. I'll take a baby step in the right direction because it's at least something in the right direction and that's not something we've seen a lot of this year.

With the win the Brewers slide back in front of us in the NL Central standings after our fourth loss in five games. This team was just on fire with eight wins in ten, right?