Saturday, May 03, 2008

Game 30: Nationals 9 Pirates 8

This game had to be one of the weirdest sights in baseball history as both teams wore Homestead Grays uniforms in a Negro League tribute game. The Nats wore red and white home unis and the Pirates wore the black and gray Grays' uniforms we're all used to seeing, but it's still kind of disarming to see "Grays" across the front for both teams.

In keeping with the bizarro dress code, Christian Guzman drove in six runs and Jose Bautista hit his third homer in two games. The Pirates managed to dig themselves out of an early 5-1 hole, but not a later 9-5 hole after they tied things up. Maholm and Osoria both got bombed and as usual, that put us in a hole that was just a little to deep to dig out of.

Anyways, this game came right on the heels of last night's blowout win, which saw a decent debut (or to be more accurate ... not disastrous) from Dumatrait in the rotation and a two homer game from Bautista, who's suddenly remembered how to hit the ball. I remain blacked out in Chapel Hill, though I've been listening to bits and pieces of the games online, at least as much as I can stand to listen to the Pirates and Nats on the radio.