Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Doumit to the DL, Chavez up

The Pirates have promoted Raul Chavez to take Ryan Doumit's place on the roster while he recovers from his thumb injury. No one's really sure about the extent of the injury, as far as I can tell, since Doumit's going to be evaluated at AGH today. Rotoworld says he's out for anywhere between ten days and three weeks, but I can't source that statement at the moment (generally, they pull their news from newspapers, websites, etc.) so you might not want to hold that as gospel just yet (EDIT: it's in the PG story as an early guess from JR based on initial x-rays with more definitive diagnosis coming). Hopefully, they're right. A thumb injury can be brutal for catcher, but if he just has a fracture in the tip of it than maybe it's not as bad as it could be. Honestly, any time you lose a guy that's hitting the way he's been is too long, but hopefully this isn't a serious injury.