Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rubber match

One of the awesome things about baseball is the length of the season. At some point, every game is reduced to one blip on the seasonal radar. Two days ago, we were all worked up over almost losing the opener in awful fashion, today I'm kind of feeling relieved that today is a rubber match and not necessary to avoid the sweep.

Today the thing to keep an eye on is certainly the pitching matchup. Every single start Zach Duke makes in the month of April is going to be highly scrutinized by a lot of people, myself included. If there's any hope for the guy, it's certainly going to be in Jeff Andrews helping him find whatever the hell he was that he isn't any more. His career may hinge on how this year starts for him ... but no pressure or anything. For the Braves, Mike Hampton makes his first start since they lowered the pitching mound in 1968. How will he adjust to the "new" ten inch mound? Has anyone's limb actually removed itself from its owner's shoulder during a game? Will he throw a complete game shutout, or will Bobby Cox pull him after seven because of his pitch count? The answer to all these questions and more at 7!

Update: Hampton's not starting! Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha