Friday, April 04, 2008

Out for the weekend

I've got a couple of pieces of site news. I'm going to be without internet access from today until Sunday night, which is why I've published the massive end to the Flash Foward below. Awesomely, Blogger is testing out a beta function that allows you to future date your posts for whenever you please. That means that despite the fact that I'm out of town, gamethreads will publish for tonight's game, Saturday night's game, and Sunday's game so you all will have a place to talk about the game, if you so please. I've set them to appear an hour before each night's games.

The second piece of news really isn't news. I'm just curious if anyone going to the game on Monday is going to be sitting close enough to the plate to get a solid picture of Donnie Iris and if you are, whether or not you'd send it to me for blog-related purposes (let's just say that WHYGAVS might be getting its first mascot). You don't have to make me any promises or anything, but if you do get one and want to share, the e-mail address is on the right so hit me up.

I almost typed "See y'all Sunday" here. Holy crap, I've been in the south for too long. See yinz Sunday.