Sunday, April 06, 2008

Jack Wilson goes on the DL

The Pirates' middle infield situation is quickly becoming ugly. After six games, Chris Gomez and Luis Rivas have almost as many ABs as Freddy Sanchez and Jack Wilson. The Pirates may be 3-3, but that's not a recipe for great baseball. Accordingly, Wilson's going to go on the DL to nurse his hamstring injury so that Brian Bixler can come up and play full-time while he and Freddy recoup. Even if Wilson's injury isn't serious, he's not a terribly great player while he's hurt, so it makes a lot of sense to give him ample time to recover. I'm not really sold on Bixler from the small amount I've seen him play and his minor league stats, but I'd certainly rather see him every day than Rivas or Gomez.