Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gorzo and Cueto

Interesting pitching match-up today as Tom Gorzelanny takes the mound against 2008's early season phenom, Johnny Cueto. Cueto is exactly the kind of pitcher that kills the Pirates (seriously, don't I just say that about everyone?). He's a hard thrower that strikes out a ton of hitters and he's been dominant and borderline dominant in his two starts this year. Gorzo, on the other hand, is pitching like a guy that's hurt. His velocity seems to be down and he's definitely struggling with control. I'll take any sign today that he's starting to turn things around. I mean, I'd like to see the Pirates sweep the series and get back to .500 and all, but really , I'd just be stoked if Gorzo didn't make the bullpen throw six more innings today.

UPDATE: It's raining, but both pitchers are throwing in the pen and the big tarp isn't out, so it probably won't be a long delay.