Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Game 26: Mets 5 Pirates 4

To give you a stream of consciousness for the early part of this game, my brain went somewhere along these lines:

  • McLouth! Homer! Sweet! Off of Santana!
  • Chris Gomez? Are you kidding me?
  • Jason Bay! Homer! Sweet! Man he crushed that thing.
  • Two strikeouts and four walks for Snell ... this seems like trouble.
  • Crap. It was trouble.
  • Crap. It was lots of trouble.
  • We've only got two hits? Man, this Penguins game is sweet.
I then proceeded to watch hockey, write up some FanHouse post drafts, and do lots of other things that were way better than getting invested in a Pirate comeback, only to have my hopes crushed by John Van Benschoten in the 11th.

I will say that the Snell/Santana pitchers' duel mostly fizzled with Snell not able to get out of the fifth and clearly without his best stuff for another start and Santana racking up a high pitch count striking out so many Pirates. That was bad news for the Mets because we really own Billy Wagner. Of course, it didn't matter because John Van Benschoten came in in the 11th and failed to get any one out that wasn't already trying to make one, wasting a solid outing by the pen to rescue Snell's bad start and a nice comeback from everyone else. Of course, it's not fair to completely blame JVB for this one. Dumatrait probably would've done the same thing.