Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We are going to give up a lot of runs this year

I admire Paul Meyer DK for doing his best to make it sound like Matt Morris wasn't totally awful in giving up eight runs in his 5 and 2/3 innings yesterday. Still, a bunt single, a misplayed grounder, and a wind-aided homer only accounts for three of eight runs. Russell was enthused by how Morris threw, so I guess it's wrong of me to dismiss some spring results and harp on others, but dammit, I'm a blogger!

The scarier thing to me is the bullpen this year. So we've got Capps closing, which is solid. We've got Marte setting up, which should go OK even if pitting him against righties regularly is kind of scary. We've got Grabow in there which is, well, it is what it is. Then we've got (presumably) four slots to be filled by Phil Dumatrait, Sean Burnett, Franquellis Osoria, Evan Meek, and Byung-Hyun Kim. Beyond them, we could go to Masumi Kuwata, Hector Carrasco, Jaret Wright, or Casey Fossum. Except for the two guys at the back end (I'm talking Capps and Marte, Grabow spends half the year being called Grablow for a reason), this bullpen could potentially be the stuff nightmares is made of.