Thursday, March 27, 2008

This and that

There's a ton of stuff I've been meaning to share, so let's get it all out of the way. Actually, the list itself isn't that big, I just have a lot of things to say about a couple of then.

This Jose Canseco/A-Rod saga is amazing. Not for the fact that A-Rod used steroids, but just for the giant trainwreck it's become. If you haven't been following, Deadspin has the hilariously awful excerpt from his book dealing with A-Rod, we laughed about it a lot at FanHouse, and then Pat Jordan showed up on Deadspin to tell everyone what a f*&$ing scumbag Canseco is. I've been kind of captivated by this whole thing, but completely for the wrong reasons. Mostly, I think I'm just amazed that we live in a world where something like Jose Canseco is actually allowed to happen.

A site called "Baseball Intellect" has an interesting look at Jason Bay's 2006 swing compared to his 2007 swing. I am no hitting coach, but it look to me like his 2006 swing is a lot shorter than his 2007 swing. Honestly, I used to marvel at Bay's swing. In 2005 and 2006, his swing was just this short, effortless flick that sent the ball rocketing across the park. I really think that the ease of his swing is why people get so frustrated with him sometimes. Even when he's in the zone, it never looks like he's trying, even when he really is. Man, I hope he fixes himself this year. (Found that one at BBTF)

As per an earlier conversation in the comments: everyone gets free Dr. Pepper if Axl Rose releases Chinese Democracy this year. That, my friends, is what we call "win, win."

DK's season preview is up at the PG. If I have time, I may expound upon this later. Also, check the story about Kuwata's retirement. He basically says that he shouldn't be taking the spot of a young reliever in the system. Something about the 40-year old guy making a run at his life-long dream of pitching in the majors really wore off on me and I think I'll miss him, though I know I won't miss his pitching.

Lots of people getting injured lately; Chris Capuano, my boy John Lackey, Kelvim Escobar (kind of, actually his injury just got worse), and many more. Somehow we've avoided serious injury to anyone besides Juan Perez. I feel the other shoe coming ...