Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Let's see here. The Bucs made four more cuts today, sending Kevin Thompson, Elmer Dessens, Casey Fossum, and Jonah Bayliss by the wayside. Dessens, Fossum, and Bayliss were about the bottom of the barrel for bullpen candidates, so we don't really learn a lot by them getting cut. Thompson getting cut means Nyjer Morgan is probably going to make the roster, even if he doesn't start because every team needs two guys that can man center field. Bayliss was also DFA'd to make room for Luis Rivas on the 40-man roster, which just about makes it a slam dunk that he's going to be the starting second baseman, as I don't think Freddy's going to be ready to play the field by next Monday, no matter what James Andrews says.