Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why do I have to still read crap like this?

So I'm patrolling the Pirate internet looking for some Pirate news to talk about because it's painfully scarce right now and the fact that I've barely been writing makes me feel really bad because there are still lots of people reading and commenting (incidentally, we're only 98 comments away from the 10,000th comment in WHYGAVS history, I'll be monitoring the situation). So I click on over to the team page and what do I read? First, I get the following headline:

Morgan speeding through Bucs system
Now there is a statement which is technically true and intentionally misleading. Remember that a lot of you were surprised when I mentioned that Nyjer Morgan was 26-years old. Now, I can't speak for everyone, but I tend to assume that anyone that spends their day reading Pirate blogs and leaving comments in October (which was when I did the post about Morgan and McLouth and Duffy and talked about their performances relative to age, etc.) is a pretty freaking hardcore Pirate fan. I would imagine if you got a random sampling of Pirate fans at PNC Park on the last day of the year and asked them how old Nyjer Morgan was, 90% would guess 24 or under. And yet here we are in November reading headlines on the team website about how this guy who's played 28 major league games at the age of 26 is "speeding" through the minor league system. Of course he's fast, so the headline is technically right. But that's not the point and anyone that knows enough about the Pirates knows it.

Still, I read onwards. And the whole article is filled with sub-headlines and picture captions and things like that that imply that Nyjer Morgan is the left-fielder of the future in Pittsburgh and that the plan is to have both of them playing together in the outfield. Now, Nyjer Morgan seems like an awesome guy. I really do get that impression from everything I read about him and see from him. The problem is, he's just not that great at baseball. I promise you that any team with Nyjer Morgan as their starting left fielder for any significant amount of time will lose at least 90 games. I'm not kidding, even a little bit.

So here's my problem: we all knew that was a mouthpiece for Littlefield and McClatchy. Why are they still pumping out stories that would make Dave Littlefield smile? Now that he's gone and Doogie is GM, shouldn't I at least be reading about how Morgan's UZR or PMR (I wish he had played enough to make David Pinto's list, I'm always curious to see how we grade out there and will likely post about it later) could make him worth playing, even though he's likely going to be a stiff at the plate?