Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Huntington keeps hiring

I said that I thought that the guys Doogie hired to fill out his front office would be more important than Russell. Today he hired a scouting director, a director of player development, and a director of baseball operations. These are the men that will shape the future of the Pirates. So who are they?

Kyle Stark, director of player development: He's coming from an assistant farm director position in Cleveland. He's 29, I think he's got a law degree, and three years ago he was a pitching coach for St. Bonaventure. So he's really young, which means he's either incredibly motivated or just incredibly unqualified for his job. I will choose to believe the first one until I have reason to think otherwise.

Greg Smith, director of scouting: Coming from Detroit. This one line from the PG terrifies me:

Smith, 41, worked the past three seasons as a special assignment scout for the Detroit Tigers. For the eight years before that, he was Detroit's scouting director ...
Ahhh, demotion. I want to say that he can learn and get better at his job. The thing is, Ed Creech never did. Still, I'm willing to give anyone not actually named Ed Creech a chance.

Bryan Minniti, director of baseball operations: I don't know what this job does, but I don't think it's a whole lot. He's only 27 and he's worked for us for the past seven years. My brain doesn't know how to process that information.

Get to know these names, guys. These are the go-to names to complain about when something goes wrong.