Thursday, November 08, 2007

2007 Review: all the pitchers that are left

Ugh. It's November 8th and that means it's time to wrap this meandering season review up. Beyond the four big starters, I don't care much about the pen and everyone so these are going to be mostly quick hits.

Matt Capps- In theory, Matt Capps should suck. He's a guy with a straight 94-mph fastball that is only exceptional because of his ability to put it over the place, and that's his out pitch. In actuality, Matt Capps was one of the few Pirates that didn't underperform in 2007. 1.01 WHIP and 64 K's to only 16 walks in 64 innings? That's just silly. I was happy to see him not get abused by Tracy again this year because really, he's our one bullpen stud. Not that you need a bullpen stud when you suck, but hey, they're nice to have.

Salomon Torres- This is what happens when you sign a 34-year old reliever to a big extension (the Pirates did this for Torres in '06). Now we're saddled with him for at least one more year. I'd trade him now if someone will take him, because I doubt he'll be worth much by the time this year is over.

Matt Morris-
Matt Morris is probably a really nice guy in real life. I would probably enjoy having beers with him. But this is baseball and in the baseball world, my blood literally boils every single time he takes the mound in black and gold. When friends complain about their baseball teams, I will likely respond with "Yeah, but at least you didn't trade for Matt Morris" until at least 2032. I hope we trade him for anything, simply because he is a breathing, walking, living reminder of Dave Littlefield. If Lacuna, Inc. actually existed, I would probably have DL erased from my brain waaay before any ex-girlfriend.

Damaso Marte- Really nice bounceback year for Marte in '07. He was silly dominant against lefties (6-for-64 against him!) and effective against righties. He should have some real trade value because of the way he dominates lefties and because he's silly cheap in 2008, clocking in at $2 million.

John Grabow- Never bounced back from his early season injury. Will always be John Grablow to me. Would be terrifying as our primary LOOGY if Marte gets shipped out of town.

Josh/Jonah Sharpless/Bayliss- Suck

Tony Armas- Typical DL Pirate, gone five months too late.

Masumi Kuwata- Old, nice story, probably nice guy, peak of DL's knack for making moves with more PR value than baseball value, thankfully gone with his eephus pitch.

Shane Youman- Kind of like Josh Fogg, only left-handed. And worse at baseball.

Shawn Chacon-
Surprisingly only mildly awful as a reliever (as opposed to the expected, "completely awful"). The Pirates might bring him back, but if they do it at a high price I'll be pissed.

Franquellis Osoria- Why was Franquellis Osoria a Pirate? Because he was a member of the greatest baseball team known to man, the 2005 Dodgers. He's probably OK as a middle-relief guy.

Brian Bullington and John Van Benschoten- It's official, they're busts. I do feel bad for these guys, though. Talk about a crippling organization to be drafted into.

Wayback Wasin, Marty McLeary, Dan Kolb- Thankfully nothing but distant memories.

Juan Perez and Brian Rogers- Possibly still in the organization, but not good enough for me to care.

Dave Davidson- Mildly promising.