Monday, October 29, 2007

Tigers Get Renteria

Well, apparently a lot of us wasted a lot of internet space with all of the "Jack Wilson to the Tigers" talk because the Tigers went out and got a much better shortstop in Edgar Renteria. I don't know how much truth there really could've been to the whole "Jurrgens for Wilson" rumors because that was basically what the Braves got for Renteria.

That leaves the Neal with another choice to make. Wilson's not a terrible shortstop and he's certainly better than any other option we have in the organization, which means that trading him will leave a pretty big hole in the infield. Off-hand I can't think of any team that desperately needs a shortstop this winter (Toronto, maybe?), so this might be the end of the rumors. Probably not, though, if the roster turnover that I think is coming is actually coming.