Sunday, October 14, 2007

Slow news weekend

With Dejan on vacation, football and the MLB playoffs in full swing, and the Huntington/Coonelly regime buttoned up tighter than a papal conclave, the PG didn't publish anything about the Pirates all weekend. Instead, let's go over some of the general baseball news from the past couple days that I've been slacking on.

Reds hire Dusty Baker. Homer Bailey's elbow just exploded. How anyone could hire a guy that ruined two of the best pitching prospects of the decade and says things like "Walks clog the bases" is baffling to me. I feel bad for Pete Mackanin, who did a great job with the Reds in the second half.

Leo Mazzone, fired. Anyone know a team looking for a pitching coach?

John Schuerholz steps down as Braves GM and Frank Wren takes over. That inspired this Dugout, which made me laugh out loud.