Friday, October 12, 2007

Shameless plugs and name related links

Below are links to what are quite possibly my two favorite FanHouse posts:

Gritty! Scrappy! Hard-Nosed! Your Guide to NLCS Hyperbole
Dirty! Scrappy! Hustle! Grit! Your Guide to ALCS Hyperbole

Sorry to shamelessly plug myself, but I think you guys will enjoy those.

To make up for my self promotion, here's a link from the comments (thanks, J update: I'm an idiot and forgot the link before, but it's there now) about Andy Van Slyke managing the Pirates, or someone else.

Andy Van Slyke loves his job as the Detroit first base coach. He said in a Wednesday telephone interview that he is “having more fun than I ever thought I could have as a coach.” But he also has interest in managing.

Van Slyke, who made three All-Star teams during his eight seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates, said he would be interested in talking with the Pirates about their managerial vacancy.

“I would love to manage for the Pirates, but only if they were committed to winning, like they were when I played for them,” he said.