Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The saga of Alex Rodriguez

So normally I try not to waste space here talking about FanHouse stuff because I figure that the people that want to read the site will read it and everything I do there pops up in the RSS over in the corner there, so if you only want to read what I write, you'll do it that way. The thing is, today a bunch of us over there did something that I think is so cool and awesome that I would be a negligent baseball blogger if I didn't post a link. Working with the vision of PostmanE, I bring you "Choose Your Own Rodventure: The Saga of Alex Rodriguez." If you couldn't guess, it's a take-off on all the old "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. I've read the whole thing, and it's awesome. I hope you've got some time this afternoon, because you're going to need it.