Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Pirate Playoff Update

Holy cow, what a game tonight. The Rockies are going to the playoffs after coming back from a 2 run deficit in the 13th inning, and if you're not rooting for them I'm not sure you have a pulse.

For as long as ex-Pirates are in the playoffs, I'm going to update you on their performances. We had a slew of them tonight:

Josh Fogg: He did what Josh Fogg does. He wasn't spectacular (or even good, really), but he stemmed the damage to one bad inning and he kept the Rockies in the game against the probable NL CY Young winner. Kudos to Fogg, who's one of the good guys in baseball. Line: 4 IP, 8 H, 5 ER, 2 BB, 5 Ks.

Brian Giles: 1-for-5 with a ribbie, but he did walk twice and score twice. That's not what people will remember about Giles from this game, though. He sold out to catch Holliday's flyball to the wall in the 13th (a la his amazing catch in PNC a few years back) and missed it, leading to a game tying triple. He then lollipopped a throw to the plate two batters later, making what should've been an easy out at the plate into a close play, allowing the home plate ump to blow the call (Barrett blocked Holliday's hand from ever touching the plate and it wasn't close). Tough way to end the season for Giles.

Matt Herges: Somehow managed a three inning smoke and mirrors act where he walked three batters and only struck out one, but didn't let a Padre score from the 10th-12th innings.

Final random observation from the Rockies' win: Troy Tulowitzki could be a real special player. 4-for-7, three runs scored, that HUGE double in the 13th, and great D at shortstop. What a game for a rookie.