Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Managerial rumors: John Farrell

Yes, I saw the John Farrell rumors going around yesterday and I'm sorry I didn't have time to post about them, but I'll take a little time now to discuss it.

First thought: Wonder if he's related to our early 90s first round pick Jon Farrell.
Second thought: Why the hell do I remember Jon Farrell?

On a more serious note, pitching coaches are hardly ever hired as managers. I always kind of wondered why because some pitching coaches would make good managers I think. Maybe Ray Miller ruined it for everybody. Farrell, however, is not your typical pitching coach because he worked as Indians' farm director in the past. As Charlie notes, a guy with that type of past may not be a bad choice to manage a team like the Pirates, even though it's a pretty unconventional one for a big league manager. I don't honestly know all that much about the guy, though as I noted before, I think Huntingon's inactivity on the managerial front indicates that he's got some guys still in the playoffs in his sights.