Monday, October 01, 2007


Tracy seems to be on his way out the door. Just posted about this at FanHouse, but my guess is Joel Skinner will be the one that gets Tracy's job. We can speculate more about then whenever Tracy is officially canned, though.

Did the Cardinals screw Kip Wells out of a $500,000 bonus with their pitcher shuffling yesterday? Sure seems like it.

Peace out, Shawn Chacon. I don't think you'll be terribly missed. I'll admit that you weren't nearly as terrible as I thought you would be, though.

Jack Wilson managed to get to the ballpark yesterday despite his concussion and wave to players after the season finale; something not a lot of other players did. Clearly he thinks he's on his way out of town. I'm not so sure, myself. I will say that as much as I complain about him and think he's overrated, obnoxious, and preachy, he is a class act. Deeper into that article, Josh Phelps and Jason Bay do some real digging at the Pirates.

You knew this already, but Freddy's surgery went OK and he should be more than fine for next year, be it with the Pirates or someone else.