Sunday, October 07, 2007

Halfway to the NLCS

In what has to be TBS's nightmare, the D'Backs and Rockies both completed their sweeps last night and the Red Sox and Indians could do the same today. That would mean like four days with no playoff baseball. I can't shake the feeling that the NL Clubs are much, much, much worse than the AL clubs, but I suppose it's technically hard to compare them since they aren't playing against each other.

Today Curt Schilling's insufferable mouth takes the mound for the Red Sox against Jered Weaver at 3 and Jake Westbrook faces off against Roger Clemens at 6. Both the Yankees and Angels are trying to stave off elimination at home, but I don't think it looks good for either of them today, especially since Clemens isn't good for much more than 5 innings these days.