Thursday, September 20, 2007


Sorry posting has been so slow lately. It will pick up sometime soon, I promise.

The new Astros GM is Ed Wade. So much for being worried the Astros were after someone we wanted. If we would've hired Wade, I think I would've closed down this blog for good.

Great Pirate Notebook today. First up, Chacon, Armas, and Izturis are going to be peacing out after the season; awesome. Then Tracy's jackassosity is illustrated by the use of the word "order" which kind of tells you how Jack Wilson and Sully must feel about having to cut their paternity leaves short to play out the last few games of a miserable season. Sully didn't come back on Tracy's orders. Good for him. THEN, Carlos Guillen rips into Jack Wilson, saying he'd rather lose his job to Cesar Izturis.

On Page 2, the four-letter had a bunch of their writer types bitch about their favorite baseball teams. DJ Gallo took the Pirates. An excerpt:

Shut up. The Pittsburgh Pirates have not had a winning season in 15 YEARS! Fifteen years. Not one winning season. Not one lousy 82-80 season. Not even 81-81. Heck, their best season since 1992 was a 79-83 record … and that came 10 YEARS AGO! So, please, kindly shut up. Fifteen years, people. Fifteen years. Every year being virtually eliminated by the end of May. Fifteen years. One more is an all-time record.
Seriously, if I have to deal with one more Red Sox fan complaining about how they're going to blow their lead to the Yankees (and STILL MAKE THE F%$&*!@ PLAYOFFS), something might snap.

"Hopefully it's not as bad as it feels," Griffey said. "The best way I can describe it is that it feels like someone bungee jumped off my right (testicle)."
Comments contest: what word did Junior actually use? I'd guess "ball" or quite possibly "nut." Why did they edit that out? Who would be offended by that?(via FanHouse)