Saturday, September 29, 2007

Good news

This is as big as Littlefield being fired- Ed Creech is expected to be removed from his job as scouting director. I hope that means "fired," though there's no word if he'll be reassigned within. Whatever, he's done ruining our drafts and that's good enough for me for now. I love this write-up:

Two team sources said that, although general manager Neal Huntington has just begun his new job, the evaluations of Creech's work from upper management -- including ownership -- are negative enough that he is a virtual lock to be replaced.

That will come as little surprise, given his record.

Creech's six drafts have produced two players who experienced above-average success with the Pirates -- starter Tom Gorzelanny (second round, 2003), and closer Matt Capps (seventh round, 2002). Otherwise, the drafts have lacked impact-type players, have been shallow and have included glaring errors. Foremost was drafting starter Brad Lincoln in the first round last year when other teams saw clear signs that injury was likely. Lincoln had elbow surgery after pitching for just a month professionally.

It takes Neal Huntington A WEEK to see what Littlefield couldn't in six years.