Wednesday, September 19, 2007

GM Candidates

It's hard to comment on GM candidates from the standpoint of a blogger. I don't really know a whole lot more about these guys than you do. I only know who they work under and what the teams they work for play like. But just as it's difficult to assign blame in the Pirates' organization for all of the things that have gone wrong, it's just as hard to give credit in the good ones for who does what.

The toughest part to judge right now is what exactly the Pirates are thinking. Coonelly more or less came out of left field after a bunch of other names were bandied about, so I don't know if there's a reason to write a ton of words about Tony La Cava or Jack Zduriencik or Tony Bernazard right now. They all seem like decent candidates to me (remember that I only said that I didn't think La Cava was a good fit for the CEO position, even then I said I thought he'd be worth interviewing for the GM job should it open, which it obviously has). What was interesting to me was that most of the names we heard in conjunction with the CEO job, La Cava, Duquette, etc., were more GM types than President/CEO types. Does that mean that maybe Nutting was actually considering them for the GM's job? Duquette's name hasn't come up since Coonelly's hiring, so maybe that's not the case. I was shocked to read that the Pirates might make a choice by Monday. What's the hurry, guys? I know their's value to having a GM in place when the season ends, but I'd much rather take a few extra days and do this right than to hurry it along and screw it up.