Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Game 158: Pirates 5 D'Backs 1

The Pirates hate the Diamondbacks. This is the only logical explanation. We tanked for the Padres. We tanked for the Cubs. We literally were handing wins out left and right for almost two weeks. Then the D'Backs roll into town and BAM! competency strikes the Pirates right in the face. I credit the steady hand of Neal Huntington, who has a winning percentage of 1.000 on his career.

Meanwhile, remember when I said yesterday that the D'Backs' offense was worse than the Pirates? Who does this sound like: a middling veteran well past his prime pitched seven innings, gave up one run on six hits, and struck out seven with no walks. Why, I do believe we've all seen a baseball team that has mastered that this year, only tonight that was what Matt Morris did to the Diamondbacks! I want to say "just remember this when Littlefield is telling you how strongly Morris finished the season" but guess what, Littlefield is fired!

One final note: did you know Adam LaRoche has 40 doubles this year after hitting two tonight? That's a career high. Now if we could find those missing 11 homers, we'd be in business.