Sunday, September 23, 2007

Game 155: Cubs 8 Pirates 0

Great, so not only did 2007 force us to deal with the Pirates' 15th consecutive losing season, Jason Bay's decline, Zach Duke's dropping off the face of the earth, and Matt Freaking Morris, now the Pirates have facilitated the Cubs' making of the playoffs. Just brilliant.

Tracy ran another Gorzo out for another 117 pitches today and he got hit pretty hard. He did have 7 K's in less than six innings, but 12 hits and six runs isn't all that agreeable to me. His 15th win isn't that important. Really. Meanwhile Zambrano held us to three singles (Morgan, Nady, LaRoche) and I'm wondering why the Pirates have even bothered putting their uniforms on the last ten days or so. Seriously. They were on WGN this weekend so I saw more of them than I have been watching recently, and they look like the Kennedy Catholic Golden Eagles circa 2002, when we managed to go 0-14. You don't know why it's called "the mercy rule" until you play on a team like that, let me tell you what. The Pirates need a mercy rule. Thanks to us, the Cubs have the lowest magic number in the NL.