Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Game 143: PIrates 9 Brewers 0

For the second straight day, the Pirates knocked a team out of first place in the NL Central. Well, I guess they kind of knocked the Brewers into a tie for first, but I think that's kind of impressive. That's not something that many teams ever have chance to do, I wouldn't think. Somebody call Elias.

Think about this one: Tony Armas, Franquellis Osoria, and Romulo! Sanchez combined on a four-hit shutout tonight. Did your head explode out of surprise? If it didn't, nothing will ever surprise you ever, I promise. Because of that unlikely trio, the Pirates didn't need a lot of offense tonight. Still, they got a lot of offense with five guys chipping in two or more hits, including a Nate McLouth homer that somehow found its way to water. I do not understand the 2007 Pittsburgh Pirates. I suppose I never will.