Monday, September 10, 2007

Another first place team

After knocking the Cubs out of first place yesterday, the Pirates will now play the team that's taken their spot atop the division, the Brewers. Carlos Villaneuva and Tony Armas (who is still in the freaking rotation, I don't know why, but I'm surprised every time he starts) face off tonight at PNC as the Pirates try to stay hot (or maybe just lukewarm) while the Brewers try to stay atop the division. It's funny how things balance out. After years of getting killed by the division, the Pirates are almost .500 in the Central this year and yet they're still going to finish with the same old record.

Two links for you:
First up, the Biz of Baseball takes a look at Coonelly, and it's not a positive one (link via BBTF).

Next up, The Dugout is going over to the darkside (aka, joining myself and others at FanHouse), but before they drop the swear words and such, they're going out on top with a farewell extravaganza. If you're not reading, well, you should be.