Monday, May 21, 2007

Someone's gotta start tomorrow

Tonight we have an off-night (which is nice because I know all of you had tonight's Pirate game crossed off the schedule for the Heroes finale anyways), but tomorrow we've got a game to play. And the starter is still TBA. So who's it gonna be? Well, the recently re-instated Humberto Cota seems to think it's going to be John VanBeschoten. If you check out this week's WHYGAVS poll, that's clearly what the people want. If it's not going to be Chacon, I think it has to be JVB. Burnett and Bullington both have decent numbers but bad peripherals in AAA this year. VanBenschoten is the only one I'm convinced can keep his head above the water for any amount of time in the rotation at this exact moment. Plus, Armas' open spot in the rotation falls nicely right in his rotation spot in Indy. Plus, Chacon has to take Maholm's place. I mean, someone has to, right?