Sunday, May 20, 2007

The requisite catch-up post

So... it's been a long two days. I'm going to be in North Carolina for the early part of this week, but I've got some solid internet access here, so blogging shouldn't be too interrupted. But what have I missed since early Saturday morning? Let's play catch-up.

  • Thank God I didn't watch all of last night's game. I got in the car in Boardman, Ohio last night with the Pirates ahead 7-3. By the time I got back to my home in Hermitage, the Pirates were losing 9-7. If you are completely unfamiliar with the geography of Eastern Ohio and Western PA, the trip took about a half of an hour. Why does this always happen against the Diamondbacks?
  • Accordingly, I'm half expecting Tom Gorzelanny to commit a murder sometime in the near future.
  • As a result of last night's performance, Marty McLeary got his ticket back to AAA. So did Brad Eldred, to make room for Humberto Cota. If this means more playing time for Ryan Doumit, I'm all for it.
  • Bob Nutting is "mixed" on the team's first half performance. Mixed nutting. He he. But seriously, this pretty much proves he doesn't know shit about baseball because we haven't played so hot.
  • For good measure, the Pirates lost again today 5-2 to close out the series loss. I didn't see or hear any of this one, but Randy Johnson struck out a bunch of people and Maholm sucked. Maybe he'll be the one that gets replaced by John Van Benschoten, assuming that Chacon takes Armas' spot.
Umm, that's pretty much all I see. We'll get rolling back into high gear tomorrow.